Pain-Free 22" Knotless Box Braids with Lace Closure and Baby Hair - Instant, NWT


Braided lace wigs are becoming a very common trend among women of different races, especially for reasons of convenience of styling and hair care.

Sometimes having a conventional weave sewn into your hair interferes with washing, steaming and moisturizing it in the right frequency that is needed to encourage health, growth, and a shine for an impressive look. Sadly, it is a difficult choice to make for women who are not endowed with longer, fuller hair to ditch the weaves and focus on maintaining their natural locks. Hence the need for the braided wig which is not only perfect for a flawless, natural look, but keeps you warm in the cold seasons.


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There are different types of braided wigs:

  • The box braid wig
  • The crochet braid wig
  • The million braids wig
  • The micro braids
  • The corn row
  • The Senegalese twists… and more.

As earlier implied, our natural hair requires a lot of care to prevent breakage and dryness hair defects that are often aggravated by fixing weaves and braiding most of the year. Why Not Focus on growing a shinier, softer, fuller and longer hair while you mask the grand surprise with a delectable braid wig?

You can also use this opportunity to explore the many sides of your hair fashion-wise that you never even knew existed. Finally, braided wigs are low maintenance. In other words, they give you room to save loads of money and use the saved funds to give your hair a really nice treat from time. But never forget that even braided wigs must properly be taken care of and, even this is much easier than you think. Click here…

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