Premium Hand-Braided wig color #2/3 0mbre Auburn- micro million braids- long


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Handmade Wigs: Our meticulously hand-braided full lace wig outshines typical machine-made versions, setting a new standard in lifelike appearance and craftsmanship.

Braided Wigs: The intricacy of the braiding in this custom wig offers an unparalleled aesthetic, celebrating the artistry of hair braiding.

Handcrafted Wigs: Each braid highlights the precision and passion in its creation, embodying the true essence of a ‘handcrafted wig.’

Premium Synthetic Hair: We use only premium synthetic hair, known for durability and similarity to natural hair texture, ensuring a long-lasting, authentic-looking wig.

#2/30 Auburn ombre: Our design features a warm, rich #2/30 Auburn ombre shade. This vibrant hue enhances any look, adding charm and grace.

Braided Lace Wigs: Our unique ‘micro million braids’ pattern enriches the overall aesthetic appeal of the wig, adding sophistication to style.

28″ Length: Our generous 28″ length wig offers ample room for a myriad of styling options.

13″ by 6″ Lace Wig Cap: We’ve designed a comfortable 13″ by 6″ lace wig cap, ensuring a secure fit without compromising comfort.

Heat-Resistant Extensions: Our handmade synthetic wigs come with heat-safe extensions, allowing styling versatility using heat tools without the risk of damage.

Perfect 10 Wig Experience: This wig isn’t just a product; it’s a blend of craftsmanship, design, and high-quality material. It scales your wig experience to a perfect 10.

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